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  • Hello, Golfers!
    All things in life, whether good or not so great, must come to an end. This is the change we will be going through, and change, as we all know, is inevitable in life.

  • Hello, Golfers!
    We are so amazed to see ourselves continuously and successfully running the show in the year 2012, let alone in Season 11! This show was just a brain child of our Executive Producer, Donna Lina-Flavier, all because of her love for the game and the motivation to promote Golf even more in the Philippines. Now, we have become an avenue for so many different happenings - Tournaments, Tips, Updates, Profiles of Professionals, Amateurs and Young Golfers. With a lot of perseverance and support from the Philippine Golf Community, all these have been possible...and more!

  • Hello, Golfers!
    It is the perfect time to recall all the wonderful memories the show and team has had for 2011.
    Another year has passed, and we are so grateful for all the blessings the show has received! It is such an awesome feeling to know that the local Golf Community has welcomed us in the beginning with wide open arms and has kept us going until now! THANK YOU for the support, shared thoughts, and love!
    To show our appreciation to all the viewers, we have prepared a two-part episode that will tickle your fancy when it comes to Golf Gear!

  • Hello, Golfers!
    It’s never too late to WELCOME you all to Season 10 of A Round of Golf! Yes, your only local golf show in the Philippines is bringing you another season filled with golf goodies! A new chapter is being written and I'm so excited to share this with you.  
    But before I sift through the new updates, let me run down on what you can still expect from us.

  • Hello, Golfers!
    Our Season is almost over but as I mentioned in my previous blog, we have a whole lot of special episodes to look forward to in Season 10. Since I already mentioned the various topics we might be able to feature, let's tackle something else. This is a favorite topic of mine, TRAVEL.
    The AROG team and I have been so fortunate to jump around Visayas and Mindanao to cover the PGT Provincial legs. It's definitely no vacation, since schedules can be very hectic. But with the right people and extreme time management, we get to squeeze in a few side trips.