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  • The Malaysian Association of the Philippines with the support of the Embassy of Malaysia holds an annual Ambassadors Cup in honour of the Malaysian Ambassador every year. Participants are VIPs from different embassies, and staff and friends of this prestigious organization come together to strengthen ties through golf. The A Round of Golf team was once again privileged to be invited, participate and cover this event.

  • Ever since I became a member of The Orchard Golf and Country Club last November 2009, I would always hear about the annual Founders Cup. This is a 2-day member guest tournament usually in the end of November where participants reach about 800 golfers. Teams play one round in the Player course and one round in the Palmer course. All guests are given a free practice round in each course prior to the tournament and a special giveaway.

  • A friend of mine told me this story. There was a golfer named John who went to a pro since he was struggling with his game. John gets to the pro and says: ”I need some help with my game, every time I hit the ball, it has a mind of its own and I slice it big time”.

    So the Pro says: “Ok, show me your swing, get your driver and hit a few balls”.

    John hits a few balls with his driver and all of them sliced way to the right. After the fourth shot, he looks at the Pro for some tips.

    Pro says: “It’s the LOFT”. “Pull out your 5 iron and hit a few more”.

  • The World Amateur Inter Team Golf Championship (WAITCG) is an annual event organized by Tourism Malaysia. The Tournament is open to all amateur golfers, a team with a minimum of three or a maximum of four players with a valid USGA, National Handicapping System or club verified handicap (whichever is lower) which is 18 and below for Men, and 24 and below for Ladies.

  • The entire A Round of Golf team was very excited to start Season 7. To kick things in high gear, we headed to Legaspi, Albay where the Volcano with an almost perfect cone, Mt. Mayon, is found. The moment one gets to Legaspi, you’ll realize that almost everything is pretty much linked to the world renowned Mayon Volcano. I was in awe the moment I got out of the plane and saw the volcano to my right. Talk about a picturesque view, woah! And I thought the famous souvenir Philippine postcard with the Volcano was AMAZING! Wait till you experience it up close and personal!