Geleen Handog's Blog

  • I played really well Wednesday, and it felt like dejavu because I was tied for the lead with Reg yet again. During that time, Boracay memories flashbacked when I played well for the Alabang team in the LuzViMin tournament. Thursday morning, I wasn’t feeling well, my legs were hurting since I am no longer used to walking for a full round because whenever me and my “lolas” would play we would always ride the cart. Right from the start, my putting was horrible. I was missing putts from everywhere.

  • I look forward to playing in the DHL Amateur Championship this February 10-12. Hopefully, I will play my best during the three day tournament. My stamina has always been the question in my game but lately I have been attending boot camp to strengthen my core muscles and my cardio. That’s the price to pay for not walking when you play! Hahaha. But slowly I am getting my old self back, I need to be back in shape because federation season is nearing and I don’t think I can take any more losses.

  • We are back!!! After the success of Season 4, we are continuing our golf adventure and moving forward with Season 5 to showcase the beautiful golf courses of the South. We are opening the season with the Luisita golf course located in Tarlac, its actually one of two courses designed by Robert Trent Jones Sr. here in Asia, so the design is very tricky and one of a kind . If I remember right the grass is carabao so it makes the playing conditions harder.

  • FINALLY! I won my first ever federation match last Thursday. Teamed up with UI Mendoza in the greensome format and finished our opponents after 13 holes. After trying different partners for three matches, I finally found the right one. Ui is the answer to all my worries of having the right partner since Popp and I pledged that we will never lose any game this season. Hopefully we can really live up to what we have said. Hhahahahaah!

  • Number one baby!!! Surprisingly, after three matches Team Ayabangers are on top of the leader board with 8 match points. Last Thursday, our team played Orchard at home and we swept them. I played greensome together with Ui Mendoza and we finished of our opponents 5&3. Popp and Tita Eden played aggregate and they ended the match 6&4.