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  • As our country continues to bounce back from the ravages of the recent typhoon Ondoy, we here at A Round Of Golf continuously pray for everybody who are just starting to pick up the pieces. With super typhoon Parma just about to unleash its wrath on our country as I write this, I’m hoping that most if not all the residents of Metro Manila and neighboring areas get to prepare enough for whatever this new threat to our safety could bring. It is in times like these that the brave, unshakeable and happy nature of the Filipino shines brightest.

  • Hello fairway friends and loyal members of the AROG golf gang! Can you feel the anticipation? Is the suspense killing you? I’m sure it is because I myself have been having sleepless nights counting the days till A Round Of Golf officially airs its first episode for season 5 this February. Yes! Season 5! Can you believe it?

  • By now all of us may have seen or read about Tiger Woods’ press conference and have formed our own opinion about the contents of the speech of the greatest golfer to ever play the sport of golf. In a few statements, most of which were said in a nervous and jittery tone, Tiger addressed most of the things that were left hanging since he went on self-imposed haitus from the golf world after a string of
    women he had affairs with came out of the woodwork (pardon the choice of words). Here’s my opinion on the matter.

  • Here on A Round Of Golf I’ve had the privilege of travelling all over the archipelago to see truly unique and breathtaking places. Golf courses of all kinds have been part of my weekly regiment for so long now that I seldom get surprised anymore when I visit them. Until I got to check out the Riviera Sports and Country Club for the first time.

  • It’s confirmed! After months of being in his self-imposed golf hiatus, the biggest name in golf, Tiger Woods, has announced that he will be joining the Masters at Augusta National 3 weeks from now on April 8. The Masters, as we all know, is where Tiger won his first major championship, making it a very familiar and perfect landscape for his comeback.