41 Handicapper....And Loving it!!

When It finally dawned on me that I was hosting a golf show, the first thing that came to mind was one thing…“WHAT IN THE WORLD WAS I GOING TO SAY?!”

First of all I was not ,in any way, an authority on the sport. Second, the longest time I spent inside a golf and country club involved doing one thing..eating! Lo and behold, much to my delight, those factors actually made me the perfect choice for the job! In case you haven’t seen the show, my thin but delicious frame is generally confined to the clubhouse where I disturb their General Managers, literally make a total fool of myself in front of their members, and lastly, I get to ravage their kitchen and make them cook their signature dishes for me and me alone! Now you guys know why I love my job!

But hey don’t get me wrong. I am putting in time for golf lessons courtesy of our golden-haired and very patient golf pro Mr. Jun Cedo. The dude is so patient that the first time I joined him on the fairway, he just kept on smiling while digging for my ball amidst the shrubs and bunkers. A few more lessons with Mr. Cedo and I’m sure my handicap will be decent enough to talk about outside the mini golf range.

So if you guys want to see a seasoned sportscaster act like a Peewee Herman on steroids, then make sure to catch every episode of “A Round Of Golf” every Saturday 4:20pm on CS9 with replays every Monday 8pm on Solar Sports.

Till next time, ponder on this quote from entertainer Phyllis Diller:
“The reason your pro tells you to keep your head down is so you can’t see him laughing.”