And in the end, it's not the years in your life that count. It's the life in your years.

I played really well Wednesday, and it felt like dejavu because I was tied for the lead with Reg yet again. During that time, Boracay memories flashbacked when I played well for the Alabang team in the LuzViMin tournament. Thursday morning, I wasn’t feeling well, my legs were hurting since I am no longer used to walking for a full round because whenever me and my “lolas” would play we would always ride the cart. Right from the start, my putting was horrible. I was missing putts from everywhere. I knew what I was doing wrong because suddenly I was reminded of what Tita Vinice taught me, to make sure that my thumb was straight and that my head should stay still. However even if I knew what was wrong I couldn’t do anything to make it right I still look up right after a putt. It wasn’t just going my way. I kept on reminding myself of what Tita taught me but I just couldn’t make it work. I loss the tournament.

After the game I met one of my teammates because her kid was also playing the same tournament. She told me the bad news. I was wondering why nobody told me, however when I checked my phone there I saw the news. My mom in the fairways is in critical condition. I rushed to the hospital, cried on my dad’s shoulder. I asked if he knew what happened and he said yes, he said he just didn’t want to tell me at the start of the day because he knew it will affect my game. I couldn’t contain my emotions, my little brother and I went to Asian Hospital and when I saw my “lolas” everyone was crying. I still saw her; all the memories suddenly came back to me.

She was the one who taught me in Boracay how to putt correctly, she galleried for me like what a mom would do, she told me to make sure I put my head still, to go around the green, to be mentally tough and to fight, fight, fight. She would always call me KID. She even told my mom that she considers me as her daughter in the golf course and my mom said thank you for treating me that way. I can still see her smile, her walk, all the memories that we shared. THANK YOU for being my second mom. Thank you for everything Tita! I will surely miss you! We all miss you! It will always be you, me, Popp and Tita Finina. Please guide us and help us be strong. We love you! We will win for you!