Beware! The Tiger is back on the prowl!

It’s confirmed! After months of being in his self-imposed golf hiatus, the biggest name in golf, Tiger Woods, has announced that he will be joining the Masters at Augusta National 3 weeks from now on April 8. The Masters, as we all know, is where Tiger won his first major championship, making it a very familiar and perfect landscape for his comeback.

As expected, a torrent of opinions circulated worldwide, most of which criticized the timing of his return. Some pundits agreed that it may be too soon for Tiger after going through almost 2 months of inpatient therapy and the agonizing ordeal of trying to mend his broken family.

Golfers, on the other hand, were mostly glad that he’s back. There is no arguing how different the entire world of golf is when Tiger is in the picture. Television ratings go up 200%, people actually flock to events to watch him live, and golfers are forced to bring their A-game on every tournament, all of which add up to a spectacular golf world for athletes and the fans.

Tiger was quick to say though, that he has a lot left to do on the domestic side of things regarding his family. But what I’m dying to see is how much all of this has affected his game and whether it will be clearly manifested at Augusta. What’s certain is that all the other pros have no choice now but to keep their heads down and their eyes on the ball, especially now that Tiger is back on the prowl.