Brainstorm and more for Season 4!

Hello Golfers!

It has just been 2 weeks since we have been off-air but it still always feels like crunch time. Last week we were brainstorming on creatives and graphics. This week we are looking at studies. Hectic week really but i know that it will all be worth it once we begin Season 4. I’m comparing how it was when we were on season break before and now, this time around it seems to be more exciting and fun! But that’s a good sign because we feed off the enthusiasm you show us. Some of you have shared how anxious you are for Season 4…multiply how you feel by 10 and that’s how the whole team is feeling.

Just a few updates. We are still awaiting confirmation from Golf Courses we’ve written to, we know everyone is quite busy so Patience is really a virtue for both parties. Scheduling has started and plans are slowly coming into play. Road trips look like a go…now all we need to work on are the side trips we can feature.

Oh! Mark will continue his costume changes depending on the episode’s theme. Hooray! That you can really look forward to. We want to be as creative as possible when we dress Mark up. His Geisha look was adorable so we need to top that!

So far that is all i can share for now, i don’t want to give you any more spoilers, you will just have to wait and see what we’ve been planning! It will be worth the wait…until next week’s update!

By: Therese V. Laforteza
Senior Producer