Crazy/Beautiful Week

Hello Golfers!

This week has been bittersweet. Crazy/Beautiful so to speak. Crazy week, not just for the crew but for everyone around the Philippines.
The typhoons (Ondoy and Pepeng) that have been blasting through the country has created much disaster and our thoughts go out to everyone! We hope that all are safe, warm and in high spirits. If you noticed, we added GOLF AID on the show. We are currently participating in accepting relief goods such as clothes, food, toiletries, medicine etc. through MAIL & MORE. They are an official drop-off-point and will accept goods until October 9, 2009. To get more info please check out www.mailandmore.com.ph. We look forward to your support in helping out our countrymen.
It is also a Beautiful week because despite the weather, we’ve had great opportunities to have shoots (before the storm hit) and also have met amazing people.

The Golf Courses that we have been to recently (Manila Southwoods, Eagle Ridge and Royal Tagaytay) have been so welcoming and hospitable. The Young Golfer’s and their parents who still went to the shoot on the day the typhoon hit (Sept 26, Orchard Golf Club) we’re so amazing! They came prepared and was worth every space in our CF Card. Thank You. The team APPRECIATES your effort. This makes our footage extra special!
The only thing left to do this week is PRAY that there be better weather. We chant “Come on sunshine show us that smile!”

But again, no matter what, as long as we can, we will always strive to give you the LATEST and the GREATEST in GOLF. We love what we do, and the passion that you all share with us, through your comments and suggestions makes us go do that extra long leap. So please keep those letters pouring in!

For all the Golfers and Non-Golfers, young and young at heart, have a great week ahead. Tee-Time is NOW!

Remember! You still have a chance to win GC’s from Pacsports, just join in our contest (watch the show for mechanics). And I’d really love to know what you think of this season and what you still want to see on the show. Please email us at [email protected]. You can also keep up-to-date with us by logging on to www.aroundofgol.tv. Our website has just been revamped so we are oh-so-excited to hear your comments!

By: Therese V. Laforteza, Senior Producer