Flying High in Golf

We have been on our season break, but golf hasn't stopped making headlines. Locally, we've got a lot of good news to celebrate like the winners of the recently concluded Men's Federation Interclub Tournament where the Wack Wack Golf & Country Club Team took home the trophy against the Valley Golf Club Team. Great playing from their whole team especially Tommy, Matthew, and Gab Manotoc! Let's see what happens this month when the Ladies Federation Team Tournaments begin!

Congratulations to Reb Bareng as she recently qualified as a professional and got her license to do full time teaching too! She received her Golf Degree from San Diego Golf Academy, and rumor has it she will be joining the AA Cedo Golf Inc. as one of the instructors.

Great performance by the Manila Southwoods Ladies Team who won the Southern Ladies LuzViMin Cup! Overseas, another young lady golfer is making headlines; I am very proud of Maan Legaspi who is doing so well in her tournaments for James Madison University! She is a full scholar in her freshman year and is now ranked third in her school. Keep up the good job, ladies!!!

In the international golf scene, Bill Haas is the talk of the town for winning the long and grueling FedEx Cup. That was probably the closest head to head competition in the points system! Like father (Jay Haas) like son they might say, except for the 10 Million Dollar bonus! Until now, all I can say is "what a water shot"!

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