Goodbye Season 3. Hello Season 4

Hello Golfers!

As you read this, the team is busy preparing for Season 4. But before I let you in on the details, let’s do a little reminiscing on what has happened in the Past 3 Seasons.

A Round of Golf has been very fortunate to have been able to feature and show you the different Golf Clubs in LUZON. We’ve covered most of the Golf Courses in Metro Manila, Cavite, Batangas and Antipolo. We also got to do some road trips that took you to the Northern region. Who thought Golf could be such a vacation?!

If you noticed in Season 3, we not only delved into the wonderful world of Golf but also caught some action in nearby hot spots, side trips, as you may call it since these are locations that you can go to when the Golf bug that bit you is at rest. We’ve featured ATV touring in Boracay, (some) posh hotels in Clark, and Surfing in La Union! Activities that we know the whole family will enjoy when you plan that Golf Vacation.
The people we have met along the way are those that need mentioning. The hospitality the team has received from the Clubs, Golf Pro’s and Caddies that have given the extra mile to tell us about the Course, Chefs that shared their best kept secrets and Coordinators that made sure everything was organized from the 1st to the 11th hour. What an honor to have worked with these people! The A Round of Golf team cannot give you enough Thanks and much deserved Appreciation.

But the main highlight of Season 3 that we saw and did not expect to happen so soon are feedback you guys have been giviing! The golfers that recognize us when we cover tournaments and the ones who take time to say hi to us when we are on the course. It is music to our ears whenever you say “Ah, yan si Mark, yung laging kumakain!” or “Geleen, can i have a photo with you?.” We are just so thrilled to hear your comments (whether they are in the positive or not so positive side) because we know that you watch the show. Those little gestures are a huge deal to us because it beats the tire out of our eyes, It cools the sun burn we have had for a year and it wipes away the feverish feeling we’ve acquired from shooting during the stormy season. It keeps us pumped and motivated to give more…after all, we are doing this for you and your passion for Golf.
Season 3 seems to be the beginning of an awesome TV Show. We can now say that it is the first and only local Golf show in the Philippines…and the one going strong!

And last but definitely not the least are the notable companies that have trusted A Round of Golf by tying up with us. Not enough episodes can show our gratitude to the business you have shared with us.

So, what should you expect from Season 4? Well here are a few things. We will try to give you more ideas on where to go…count on us to give you more road trips and side trips! Mark will be playing Golf more but will not lye low on the food because we know how much Golfer’s love to Gulp and Gobble after a game. Geleen will go further into the details on how to strategize, and this time we will aim to always have the Golf Pro, Golf Director or Club Champion play with her. The more the merrier right?! Jun our Golf Guru has new lessons to share, fresh from his seminars from the U.S.A. Better make sure that you’ve got your notebook ready, you will be learning tips and tricks that are 100% useful!

We are very lucky to have AIR21 as our major presenter, the National Golf Association of the Philippines (NGAP) will join us in presenting a new segment that will keep you glued to the tube. Believe me when i tell you that you will want to know these! TRAVELIFE is also taking part in our task to show you the best of the Philippines, and INQUIRER GOLF and PINOYGOLFER.COM take part in the show’s passion of providing everything and anything when it comes to the game we all love.

And as for the other segments, expect more information and entertainment! We’ve got a whole new set of gadgets and equipment that will enhance the shows quality…HIGH DEFINITION! Sounds cool? Looks even cooler!

Thank you for continuing to support A Round of Golf. While we are off-air, visit www.aroundofgolf.tv for past episodes and blogs to keep you in the know. Please email us in [email protected] for suggestions and comments on what you want to see in the show, this is the best time since we are gearing up for Season 4.

By: Therese V. Laforteza
Senior Producer