The Greatest Game Ever Played

Movies are usually entertaining and a great way to unwind from all the craziness and busy schedules in life. I am a big fan of watching movies, may it be in the theatre, DVD or even off the internet. Setting aside at least two hours with your choice of popcorn, nachos, gummy candy, healthy / not so healthy snacks and your favourite soda completes the experience.
The last movie being “The Greatest Game Ever played” which is about Francis Ouimet, the first Amateur to win a US Open. Francis is played by actor Shia LaBeouf who also stars in the Transformers Trilogy. The movie is set in Boston in 1913 where Golf was mainly for the wealthy and privileged since Francis comes from the lower working class family he has no access to the very elite Country Club. Fortunately the Ouimet family lived across the street from the exclusive club and Francis starts working as a caddy. He gradually learns the game, gets his own set of clubs and practices continuously even in his own room.
Then one day he is invited by a member to play with him at The Country Club and is very impressed with his game, Francis shot an 81 even with a triple bogey. This gentleman helps him enter the U.S. Amateur Championship and the rest you will just have to watch since I do not want to ruin this truly inspiring movie. Also, served as a good reminder of why we play this game, especially since I was having three successive forgettable rounds.