Harvey Penick’s Little Red Book

I usually only find time to read when I’m traveling but with time to spare last week I decided to catch up on some reading. My mother gifted me with the Harvey Penick’s Little Red Book, a compilation of Lessons and Teachings from a Lifetime in Golf. Harvey Penick started his golf career at the age of eight when he started caddying at the Austin Texas Country Club. When he wrote the book he was already seventy nine years old and was still teaching men, women, beginners and professionals too.
I was really amazed by this book because these were all his personal experiences not just with regular golfers but even with golf greats like Tom Kite and Ben Crenshaw to name a few. Such an easy read with just about 175 pages worth of wisdom and lessons that can help golfers at any level. He starts with the basics of how to hold your club, swing path, and how to gain mental toughness during competitions. But the thing I admire most of all from his book, is that he never used negative remarks or comments with his students. He would always find a way to pick the right words that would have no hint of negativity. Rush down to the nearest book shop and get your hands on this book! A great read!
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See you all on the fairways for Season 9 this June!