It's a Cheerful Start for the Year 2012!

Hello, Golfers!
We are so amazed to see ourselves continuously and successfully running the show in the year 2012, let alone in Season 11! This show was just a brain child of our Executive Producer, Donna Lina-Flavier, all because of her love for the game and the motivation to promote Golf even more in the Philippines. Now, we have become an avenue for so many different happenings - Tournaments, Tips, Updates, Profiles of Professionals, Amateurs and Young Golfers. With a lot of perseverance and support from the Philippine Golf Community, all these have been possible...and more!
To start off the season we have 2 big tournaments. The 50th Philippine Ladies Open which was held in the East Course of the Wack Wack Golf and Country Club. We also recently covered the 2012 TCC Invitational, Don Pocholo Razon Memorial Cup which is known to be the most generous of all the PGT Legs with a purse money of 4.5 Million Pesos. We have a couple of lined up special episodes, such as the Sustainable Golf Course Episode with Golf Course Environmental Architect, Dana Fry. We have a lot more in store, so make sure to catch the show every Thursday 8 PM on Solar Sports.
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Until the next blog,
Therese Villanueva-Laforteza
Senior Producer