Meet Enan... My Main Man In Del Monte

From my experience when playing in a new course you need all the help you can get, so it is crucial to get a good caddy who is familiar with the course layout, speed & breaks of the greens and who is almost a psychologist. Luckily, when I played in the Frankie Miñoza Cup I was given a very good caddy... Enan Jaraula. Enan is actually Angelo Que's caddy when he plays in Del Monte Golf Club for the Philippine Golf Tour. Enan was always spot-on the with his tips and he even helped me with the tempo of my swing! He kept positive hence I had one of my better games.

I got to meet Enan's younger brother Raymond, who used to be a caddy at Del Monte Golf Club too but is now part of ICTSI's pool of golfers. So believe me, Del Monte is not just filled with talented golfers but great caddies as well!

Russel "Biboy" Bautista

Russel "Biboy" Bautista & Jett Sajulga