Riviera Sports Hidden Secret

Here on A Round Of Golf I’ve had the privilege of travelling all over the archipelago to see truly unique and breathtaking places. Golf courses of all kinds have been part of my weekly regiment for so long now that I seldom get surprised anymore when I visit them. Until I got to check out the Riviera Sports and Country Club for the first time.
At first glance, you won’t notice anything extraordinarily different with the amenities here except for the fact that they pride themselves of having all sorts of recreational activities and sports facilities, including a full beach volleyball court. They also have a camping ground that can hold a huge number of people.

But just when I thought that I had seen everything there was to see, I found myself walking downhill, through shrubs and bushes, over rocks and boulders, across streams of glistening mountain spring water, to come face to face with this….

This is the Kabag Falls, named after the “Kabag”, a species of fruit bat indigenous to this area which actually lives inside the cave. The water you see is natural spring water and it’s so clean and clear that Mang Eddie our driver was confident enough to gulp a handful of it.
Imagine, an actual waterfall in the middle of a golf course grounds! This, by far, has been the most amazing thing I’ve seen in a golf course. No wonder Riviera Sports and Country Club has been a favorite not only of golfers, but also their families because they have EVERYTHING here for everybody. But don’t take my word for it. Watch A Round Of Golf every Monday 8PM on Solar Sports to find out more about this amazing golf and recreational haven.

Oh and in case you want to know, I did trek and hike in my golf attire. I rock!