A Round of Golf comes to the final wave

UBE Media, Inc., the producer of A Round of Golf, has officially announced the discontinuation of the show on April 25, 2012. Final airing will be on May 31, 2012, ending its eleventh season.

UBE Media, Inc. along with the A Round of Golf Team and hosts Dominic Uy, Geleen Handog, and Jun Cedo, would like to extend its gratitude to each golf distributor, golf organization, and viewer for all the support that has been given to A Round of Golf since its debut episode in August 2008.

With your help, A Round of Golf has managed to present the talented Filipino golfers, exciting golf tournaments, and the wonderful courses that each golfer can experience in the Philippines. You may still view past episodes of the show on www.aroundofgolf.tv and interact with fellow golfers on our Facebok page, www.facebook.com/arouondofgolf.

As A Round of Golf comes to the final wave, it bestows the best wishes to all the golfers and may the love for the sport continue to ignite.