Tiger Spotted

By now all of us may have seen or read about Tiger Woods’ press conference and have formed our own opinion about the contents of the speech of the greatest golfer to ever play the sport of golf. In a few statements, most of which were said in a nervous and jittery tone, Tiger addressed most of the things that were left hanging since he went on self-imposed haitus from the golf world after a string of
women he had affairs with came out of the woodwork (pardon the choice of words). Here’s my opinion on the matter.
I do believe that Tiger is starting to feel genuinely sorry for his actions. But I also think that this emotion is brought about by the fact that he knows that there is no other way to blast out of this bunker so might as well lay it all out, confess, and ask for forgiveness. Tiger Woods made several huge mistakes by believing that his superstar status exempted him from all rules of decency and appropriateness which all of us are subject to. He forced himself to think that he can have all those extra marital affairs simply because he is Tiger Woods. I for one believe that some parts of his speech were sincere, but some parts were simply too convenient and grossly pathetic.

By selecting only those members of the media which he had close affiliations with to join relatives, friends, and other supporters in the conference venue, Tiger showed poor taste because he knew that these people will probably portray him as a remorseful man trying to pick up the pieces, a man making amends to legions of the people he let down. Yes, I agree that it is noble of the guy to admit that he is going through sex therapy and that he is already reaching out to his wife Elin but it’s just so hard to believe someone who since day 1 has released nothing but lies and misleading statements.

Now we go to the golf angle of his speech. Tiger says he still plans on coming back to the game of golf but when that is, he doesn’t know. What he does know is that when he returns, he MUST have an attitude of deeper respect for the sport. That is good news. Whichever way you look at it, he still is the best golfer in the world, bar none. A testament to that fact is that Nike is still sponsoring him and actually had someone to empathize with Tiger during his speech. Even some of the golfers like Nota Begay and representatives of the USPGA professed their hope that Tiger would back soon. The US Open may not be the place but they all feel that it will be some time this year.

Whatever the repercussions of this recent addition to the Tiger Woods saga will bring forth still remains to be seen. For sure, tabloid writers and comedians all over will once again prey on poor Tiger just as they have already been doing. As a fan of the sport, I really want him back in the fairway but will I idolize him as much as I did before? Yes, but only because he’s an exceptional athlete and nothing more.

So the countdown continues. This speech was in no ways and means a period to this long and messy sentence in the Tiger Woods scandal. Larry King, in his episode early this morning, is correct in saying that we have not heard the end of this sordid tale. Until next time, keep your head down and your eyes on the ball.