What to watch out for in Season 5

Hello fairway friends and loyal members of the AROG golf gang! Can you feel the anticipation? Is the suspense killing you? I’m sure it is because I myself have been having sleepless nights counting the days till A Round Of Golf officially airs its first episode for season 5 this February. Yes! Season 5! Can you believe it?

Well this early on we’ve already shaken off the cobwebs from our creative brains and dusted off our cameras and golf bags to shoot more interesting and entertaining content to make sure that this coming season will knock you off your senses. In fact, we just came from our first feature shoot for 2010 in this beautiful place called……………………… you’ll find out soon (that was intentional haha). Here’s a clue, the exclusive RESORT is somewhere in BATANGAS and the view is beautiful enough to calm an active VOLCANO on a LAKE. Got it?

There will also be some slight changes in the show which I’m sure you’ll all notice. New features, more intriguing personalities, loads of awesome tournaments, and never ending adventures will, as always, be a part of your total A Round Of Golf experience so make sure to catch season 5 this coming February.

Until then, keep your head down and your eyes on the ball!!

Oh and before I forget, congratulations to my overachieving co-host Geleen Handog for an awesome performance in the 2010 Ladies Open. You never fail to amaze us Geleen.